the start of a start that has already started even before i knew it needed to be started.

my start was not single-celled, but rather multi-being & multi-syllabic.  i started where i shouldn’t have and went from there.

starts are revolutionary.  they don’t mean something has died, but perhaps something has laid to rest so a new thing could rise.  for those of you who know; sat-ta-na-ma.  the cycle, one you ride, one you take to get you from point a to point b.  where the cycle takes you depends upon you.  what start have you?  put one foot in front of the other, or in this case, pressure upon the pedal, pressure upon all the 70,000 nerve endings in your gut.

starting is hard.  we start, then we stop.  not because momentum lacks, but because we don’t know exactly where we wish to go.  the vision is not so clear, we are just keenly aware that what we want is a body in motion.  before you start any start, have a vision, vision board, or peephole in which to peek.  this is not to say that starting without a plan is not ideal –those starts are for the start that doesn’t have a trajectory or finish in mind, it’s a meandering of sorts.  but if your goal is to have a finished or semi-finished product, know that start is god.  stop talking start and trying start.  be start immediately or as soon as humanly possible.

what is start but the death of something?  this is not always true, but in some cases it very well could be.  it is true all the time if you believe it is true.  if start equals death, finish equals life.

i start on both the good foot & the bad foot because both feet are both good and bad, one is not separate from the other, nor can one exist without the other.  both feet are of equal benevolence & malevolence.  what see you in a sunrise or sunset?  don’t dare utter anything resembling polar opposites.  as above, so below.  start there.  see where it takes you.

a start never really warns you, before you know it, you’ve started &, rapidly or gradually or both, are moving forward or in some forward moving motion.  if this happens to you it’s called pre-ordained order of law and nature & all things in between.  a start sometimes warns you if you’re into dream study or sign translation.  it can be the smallest thing.  our bodies interpret on microscopic levels, be thee warned.  a start never has to officially tell you of its comings or goings.  and it doesn’t even have to use your language.  if it speaks in tongues or code, you might call it nonsense –take heed that all you hear is not divided into categories of sound and noise nor anything you might recognize.

a start can look like the swinging of nothing or the non-swinging of something.  one can never be sure.  always be prepared for a start because they are sneaky creatures.  it can be both creature and self.  it can be the balancing of all that which appears balanced yet is not, nor has ever been.

if you start something and do not finish, you are an experimenter.

if you start something and finish, you are full of life-force & coveted powers, but no better than the rest.

if you start something and pause, you are an observer, an analyst, or a theorist.

start pausing, listening; start not starting & just being.  see how you feel about letting starts creep up or happen when they are ready not when you are ready.  start living, start non-planning, start breathing deeper.  start from finish and start in the middle.  never start as the rest do, start as you do.

jacklyn janeksela for hermetic hare ⊕

@samhain//circa 2016

Agüero Jahannes

Aries : head & face; the eyes
Taurus : neck, ears, throat, larynx, & tonsils
Gemini : arms, shoulders, lungs (including the trachea & bronchi), & the hands
Cancer : stomach, breasts, solar plexus, diaphragm, & upper part of the liver
Leo : heart; spine, & spinal parts
Virgo : intestines, alimentary canal, & lower part of the liver
Libra : kidneys, loins, appendix, lumbar vertebrae & the skin
Scorpio : reproductive organs, bladder, gall, colon, & rectum
Sagittarius : hips, thighs, & the sciatic nerves
Capricorn : knees, joints of the body and the hair
Aquarius : lower leg (calves & ankles), the teeth & the circulation of the blood
Pisces : the feet & toes

+++whether you know it or not, you’re in control of your life//destiny//dreams because you are in control of your body.  rule with love.+++

jacklyn janeksela for hermetic hare ⊕

Agüero Jahannes