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The Witch

A born necromancer, The Witch examines natal charts, house by house, planet by planet, & conjures spirits who assist in analysis. To better understand your life path & which herbs will elevate your body, mind, & soul,The Witch uses herbal alchemy studies + tropical astrology skills to uncover identity & self-projection. The Witch will take you to where you really want to be & teach you to be who you really want to be; she is a guide.


The Work

An Herbal Astrological Readings is the study of you, dear, in all your planetary glory. Readings address planets & house placement; & the application of herbs & plants for your benefit. Remedies that stimulate your mind, body, &/or soul in a positive, life-affirming direction are provided; this includes healing, intention, & manifestation. The readings are delivered via email for personal archival purposes.