Physical Herbal Astrology Reading

Physical Herbal Astrology Reading


Living with your body at peak and finding your physical potential.  Cherishing the body universe gave you because it's the only one you've got, so it's the best one. Your body that's be given to you with a very specific purpose. Find out what that is. 

Ideal for those who have autoimmune or other physical symptoms that have been difficult to pinpoint or heal by traditional Western medicine. 

For those who are tired of carrying the weight of specific bodily malfunctions that plague the body on a regular or recurring basis. 

For those who wish to embrace their shape, color, and size and ignore social pressures. 

A natal chart reading that offers positive food habits and appropriate herbal administration to the body. Addresses certain foods that should be avoided as well as physical and mental activities to bolster health and wellness. Body image issues may be included, depending. 


Physical Herbal Astrology Reading

Includes a full reading of the natal chart + suggestions on foods & herbs to avoid and foods & herbs to administer to the body.  Exercises will be addressed.