Hermetic Hare

I am a wolf and a raven, a cluster of stars, & a direct descent of the divine feminine.  I am a witch.

I help other wolf sisters//brothers:    

Become genuine via nature.

Become evolved, enlightened, woke.

Become independent of the system & become stronger.

Become part of a community where healing magic & plants are real, living entities.

Become high vibrational energy.


Travel adds an element to life that pales in comparison to tangible items.  Travel is experience and building.  Travel is growth and introspection.  It breaks us all the way down and constructs anew; it is a version of enlightenment, it is waking up.

Through physical travel, we push ourselves to the limits, but we can do the same with mental and astral travel.  The objective is transformation.  Travel, if done correctly, can lead to altered states that aid alchemical renovation.

Which alchemical state are you in right now?  Which chakra have you been opening up?