Herbal Astrological Readings

An herbal astrological reading is a deep study & investigation of the natal chart + the application of herbs that serve to benefit & create possibility.

Dissecting planet placement, aspects (+/-), houses, and signs = standard natal chart reading. With an herbal slant, using the criteria above in conjunction with planet's herbal gains + zodiac affinities, readings become tied not only to planets, but also to plants. Herbal astrology readings are not entirely classic, but radical; they serve to locate source where true self lies & unmask which herbal remedies speak to the soul.

For those who want an alternative yet effective way to view the body, mind, & soul ---herbal astrology is here to heal that which ails, address that which has been wounded, amplify that which dwells beyond. For those who hunger to delve deeper into self, planets, & plants ---herbal astrology satiates craving.

Readings are useful to address chronic illness, unhealthy habits, emotional distress, spiritual discontent, & general ennui can all be solved by using herbs + plants to direct appropriate energies which alleviate negative feelings.


Three Types of Readings

Physical astrological herbal reading:  studies the body closely, looking at planetary aspects, and discussing which methods would keep homeostasis at optimum.

Emotional//mental astrological herbal reading:  addresses a psychological aspect and focuses on relationships &/or trauma and how herbs can heal those pains.  

Spiritual astrological herbal reading:  focuses on the inner galaxy and which actions, herbs, and meditations are necessary in order to manifest.  


How it Works

Individuals submit date, time, & city of birth + full name to acquire a natal chart reading.  I, the witch at Hermetic Hare, will analyze the natal chart to create a highly personalized herbal astrological reading that can address one or more of the following areas:  physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual.

By using the natal chart & my observations, I suggest herb applications and explain the benefits* of administering those herbs.  Personalized mantras or blessings will also be included.

*Humans do not come from factories; we are individually created & have our own unique experiences, journeys, and traumas in this life.  We manage emotions, stress, and life in different ways –these factors affect how herbs will be applied.  Our attitudes are also key in providing support whilst healing.