Herbal Astrological Readings

For those who seek an alternative yet effective way to view the body, mind, and soul ---herbal astrology:

  • addresses that which has been wounded and needs healing; Chiron's Healing Principles Course
  • taps into reserves of medicine that dwell within each of us
  • creates potential for authentic living and self-empowerment

Chronic illness and autoimmune issues, unhealthy habits, emotional distress, spiritual discontent, and general ennui can all be solved by using herbs + plants to direct appropriate vital force to the proper areas and alleviate negative feelings in general. Clients are given herbal suggestion and remedies benefit self-perception and create possibility. The goal is for homeostasis, balance, increased positivity with the hopes of reduced suffering. 

  • Herbal herbal astrology readings offer a profound, intuitive study of the natal chart.
  • Herbal astrology readings are not entirely classic, but radical; they serve to locate source where true self lies and unmask which herbal remedies speak to the soul.
  • Herbal astrology readings use medical astrology as the foundation for evaluation. 


Three Types of Readings

Physical astrological herbal reading:  

investigates the body closely, looks at planetary aspects, and discusses which methods would keep homeostasis at optimum levels while avoiding stressors.

Emotional//mental astrological herbal reading:  

addresses a psychological aspect and focuses on relationships &/or trauma and how herbs can heal those pains.  

Spiritual astrological herbal reading:  

focuses on the inner galaxy and which actions, herbs, and meditations are necessary in order to manifest the life that the soul truly desires.  


Chiron's healing principles: 

facing the wound and gazing into it is the only way to truly heal; are you ready to face that which has been weighing your down, ailing you, or holding you back? 

How it Works

You submit you date of birth, time of birth and city of birth + full name to acquire a natal chart reading.  

I, the witch at Hermetic Hare, analyze the natal chart to create a highly personalized herbal astrological reading (PDF). 

You have an opportunity to consult me on Facebook or at hermetichare@gmail.com if you have specific questions prior to the reading.

In some cases, I provide two types of questionnaires to understand any medical or emotional issues that facilitate herbal remedy applications: 

  • Medical Astrology Body Gathering Analysis
  • Hermetic Hare Wellness Mirror

Depending on your needs, I work under specific moon phases. I do work with spirits. 

I cannot tell the future, but I do addresses changes that should be made to activate a future that's more aligned with your authentic self. 

I do natal, solar, and draconic chart readings. And I am happy to offer synastry and composite chart analysis upon request. 

Personalized mantras, blessings, and herbal applications are included in every reading.

I attend to each client separately and individually. I never make assumptions about clients based on previous readings.

When applying medical astrology, I treat humans on a case by case study.  I treat humans and not illnesses. 

After the reading, you are free to ask questions for clarity. I want to be as transparent as possible in my readings.  


*Any of my medical astrology work is not to be substituted for medical advice. This is a disclaimer.